the fucks that shape my life

Welcome to my blog! The idea of writing my stories has been an ongoing joke for a few years. It’s finally time to just put it all out there. This shit can’t be made up and it is too damn funny not to share. We all know that every story has three sides – hers, his and the truth – this blog is my story, my truth. It will be told to the best of my memory and with as much detail as i can provide. I won’t use the names of the guys but I won’t leave out important details that are needed to tell my side. There is no chronological order to my posts, as my brain skips around and I will write about whatever or whoever pops into my head.

We all have stories with chapters that we don’t want to read aloud. This is my outlet to share the stories – the good, the bad, the funny, the sad and the fucked up shit that is out there in the world of dating. Let’s face it, fuckboys are sometimes the least of our problems. 



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